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Next Class: April 1-30, 2023
Tuition: $500

Contact Ian at to register.

Great photography happens when you show people something they haven't seen before. And you do this by recognizing the hidden beauty that is all around us, and learning how to reveal that beauty through your photographs. In this online mentor class, I will teach you my core techniques for turning even ordinary subjects into extraordinary photographs.


My online mentor classes offer a unique, interactive experience designed for photographers who are looking to take their artistic vision to the next level. The goal of these intensive, personalized classes is to accelerate your development as a photographer and to kick-start your creativity. 


Virtual Classroom

My mentor classes are not like a physical class where you have to arrive at a specific place and time. Instead, I use a virtual "classroom" that is a private discussion and photo sharing forum. This allows students to read educational materials posted by me, ask questions, get feedback and encouragement, and make friends. Join us from anywhere in the world!

Regular Lessons

Almost every day you'll get access to new learning materials and inspiration in the form of lessons, example photos, instructional videos, comments, and assignments. I try to pack each of these classes with as much education as possible! 

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes ensure that everyone gets a customized learning experience with plenty of feedback and the chance to interact with other passionate, like-minded individuals. That way, you’re guaranteed to learn what you want to learn. 

Image Review

Each student may submit several photos per week for detailed and constructive image critique. Not only do you get helpful suggestions for each photo you submit, but you also get the benefit of working with a mentor who can monitor your progress and offer advice to help you improve.

Asynchronous Learning

You don’t have to be present at any specific time. Instead, you can log in whenever you like; you’ll find new insights and inspiration waiting for you. Each class lasts an entire month, giving you plenty of time to participate on your own schedule.

Interactive Discussion

The great thing about using a discussion forum for our classes is that everything is 100% interactive. You can post comments and questions and I will provide responses in a timely fashion. It’s as easy as that!

Photo Challenges

I post regular photo challenges to encourage you to practice new techniques and spark your creativity. These aren’t assignments, they’re completely voluntary, but I encourage everyone to take part in these weekly photo challenges as they can enhance your skills and force you to try new photo techniques. 

Video Chats

Finally, I host weekly optional video conference chats to get to know one another, ask and answer questions, and extend the learning experience. If you can't make a chat, no problem: I record all video sessions. These video chats are really popular with my students, and a great way to learn and to socialize. 

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