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Lake Superior Ice Cave Photo Tours:
Munising, Michigan

Price: $1750

NOTE: Whether the caves are safe to visit depends entirely on weather and local ice conditions. Based on current weather and ice conditions, it is unlikely that we will be able to safely approach the caves in February. We are still hoping that conditions will improve for March. 

Email Ian if you are interested:

Every winter, sheets of ice descend from the cliffs and sandstone caves of the south shore of Lake Superior. Using the town of Munising, Michigan as our base of operations, and working through our partner Lake Superior Ice Cave Tours, we will explore the best caves and ice formations. Traveling in-tow behind a snowmobile, you'll be able to visit the caves safely and comfortably for a unique and unforgettable photo experience.

Watch the video for plenty of ice cave inspiration, check out the image gallery, and learn more about the tour below!

What you get

  • Snowmobile transportation to the caves and other scenic locations.

  • Two full days of ice cave and scenic winter photography.

  • Advice on winter gear to ensure you are comfortable and warm during your ice cave shoots.

  • Professional photo assistance to make sure you get the best shots possible.

  • We'll get you to the most photogenic locations.


Please note that access to the ice caves will depend on weather and ice conditions, which are outside of our control. Some ice caves along the lake shore might be inaccessible in bad weather or if lake ice deteriorates. We have alternate locations on the mainland that we can visit if this happens. If ice conditions deteriorate to the point where we cannot safely operate tours, we will offer refunds of the tour cost, but we cannot refund any transportation or accommodation costs incurred by our clients.  

Tour location 

The tour is based in Munising, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior. The closest airport to Munising is Sawyer International Airport (MQT) near Marquette, which is less than 1 hour away from Munising. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Munising.  

Tour schedule

Each tour lasts two very action-packed days. We'll meet for a short briefing the night before the tour starts. During the tour, we will make multiple visits to the caves, our schedule depending on the weather and other conditions.    

Physical requirements: We won't be doing much walking on this tour, all there are some mainland caves we might visit that will require very short but steep hikes to get to. You'll definitely want to be well-dressed for cold weather! Ice cleats are highly recommended.

Lodging: Lodging is not included in the tour price. There are plenty of lodging options in Munising, which is a small town. Feel free to chose lodging that best fits your needs and budget. I recommend the Roam Inn. We'll have our initial briefing at the Roam Inn. The Roam also has an excellent on-site restaurant, with the best food in town.

Other nearby activities

If you are interested in exploring some other winter photo destinations in the Munising Area, definitely check out what Lake Superior Ice Cave Tours has to offer.

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