Lake Superior Ice Cave Photo Tours:
Munising, Michigan

February/March 2022

Where: Munising, MI

Price, dates, and other details to be determined (dependent on weather and ice conditions)

Every winter, sheets of ice descend from the cliffs and sandstone caves of the Pictured Rocks and Grand Island shoreline of Lake Superior. Using the town of Munising, Michigan as our base of operations, and working with our partner Lake Superior Ice Cave Tours, we will explore the best caves and ice formations. Traveling in-tow behind a snowmobile, you'll be able to visit the caves safely and comfortably for a unique and unforgettable photo experience.

Weather conditions look promising this season, so we're hoping to start offering these tours in the second half of February. If you are interested in learning more when details become available, email Ian at

In the meantime, if you are interested in exploring some other winter photo destinations in the Munising Area, definitely check out what Lake Superior Ice Cave Tours has to offer.

Watch the video for plenty of ice cave inspiration (turn the sound on for the full experience), and check out the images below!