"It is an experience that will stick with me throughout my life. Big thanks to Ian and Richard for being superb leaders and being unselfish in every way possible."
—Weehan Y.
Journey to a place where epic meets awesome

Nothing quickens the pulse like a swift and sudden sunrise, the first tint of gold on ancient stone sentinels, and the sound of distant avalanches crashing down icy slopes. The scenery of Patagonia is otherworldly, with stunning mountains piercing the heavens, a massive ice field spawning hundreds of glaciers, and deep mountain lakes filled with cold clean water as blue as the sky. Patagonia is a land of superlatives; it is a land of awe-inspiring moments and sudden exclamations of “OMG—that is so beautiful!” Eternal Patagonia seems to never change, but no one who visits ever stays the same.

Few places on Earth are its equal. Fewer still are those photographers up to the challenge of telling the story of this amazing landscape. Do you have what it takes?

Where: Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)
When: March 10-19, 2014
Instructors: Ian Plant and Richard Bernabe
Cost: $4995 (includes double occupancy lodging and transport during workshop)

Single Lodging Supplement: $1000

Deposit: $500

Class Size: 14  Full: wait list only
Highlights: Patagonia, a land of jagged peaks, towering blue glaciers, and wind-swept plains, is one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. The mountains of Patagonia are among the world’s most inspiring.


To register, or if you have any questions, please email Ian Plant (ianplantphoto@gmail.com). 

Places We'll Visit

The beating heart of Patagonia, Los Glaciares National Park—the famous Fitz Roy area—is one of our primary destinations for this photo adventure of a lifetime. While there, we'll seek locations with stunning views of Fitz Roy and jagged Cerro Torre, the two main peaks in the region. In addition to photographing the mountains, we will visit nearby glaciers for stunning views of tons of compressed blue glacial ice, and photograph several beautiful waterfalls as well.

"Wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations!  Patagonia should be top of list for any landscape photographer and Richard and Ian provided excellent leadership, from knowing best times and locations to providing great advice on composition and camera settings to capture the mood."

Check out Ian's ebook packed with amazing images from his visits to Patagonia (only $12.95)  

Our second primary destination is stunning Torres del Paines National Park of Chile, home to the famous Horns and Towers of Paine, jagged mountain peaks with distinctive shapes. While in Paine, we'll also get chances to photograph vast herds of wild guanacos (similar to llamas), austral flamingos, and other charasmatic Patagonian wildlife.

This is my fifth year visiting Patagonia. Few people know it as well as Richard and me. We promise to bring you to the best locations, with the best light that is offered to us during our trip. You'll come away with images you've always dreamed of making!

Excellent participant to instructor ratio

With two instructors for the group, you're guaranteed to get some significant "one-on-one" time. Two instructors also means that we have maximum flexibility when taking photographs, allowing us to split up the group to allow everyone a chance to explore their own creative vision and personal shooting goals.

Focus on making great images

Unlike some other workshops, we don't have a set itinerary. Our goal is to make sure participants get the best photographs possible, and therefore we stay flexible and determine our day-by-day shooting schedule depending on the weather and other local conditions. This way, we can go to a location when conditions are best to optimize our chances of getting great photographs.

We travel to the best locations in the best light

Although we don't have a set day-by-day schedule, we do have a "shot list" of great places to photograph. We try to photograph each place when conditions are optimal for that location. Other tours take you to places based on a fixed schedule, whether conditions are good or not. With us, you'll be sure to visit each incredible location when conditions are the most conducive to making great images. 

"The trip was a ripper! Patagonia is really special. The itinerary, shot locations, and flexibility you guys had factored into the program worked very well. I particularly liked two aspects. Firstly you kept everyone on the go from dawn to dusk making use of every opportunity to get out there and shoot stuff! And secondly, you both were very accessible and proactively helpful thoughout the entire trip. I really believe the overall experience has lifted me to a next level, and that I now know how much I didn't know about my passion for photography!"—Phil G.

  "Thank you again for making this great photo adventure possible, and for all your help. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting both of you and came back with more knowledge about shooting landscapes and most of all great memories."—Shelale S. 
Fitness Level
While most shooting locations can be reached by road, we will do some hiking on this workshop. Hikes will typically be easy to moderate in difficulty, and will be less than a mile one way, but a few hikes may involve some moderate elevation gain and require travel over rocky terrain. Decent physical fitness will certainly facilitate your enjoyment of this workshop. Every participant must complete and sign a standard liability waiver and medical form before participating in this workshop. Note: we are NOT at high elevation at any time during this workshop.

We'll teach a variety of techniques that will allow you to advance both your technical skills and artistic vision. We focus on a number of professional field techniques to help you create dramatic and powerful nature images, including working with dramatic light; the fundamentals of powerful compositions; and abstract techniques for creating artistic photographs. In addition, we'll explore a number of artistic philosophies that will help you find your own personal photographic vision.

What's Included

Photography instruction; double occupancy lodging (single supplement $1000); local transportation during workshop; entrance fees, guide fees, guide tips, breakfasts, and certain scheduled lunches.

"Ian and Richard created an adaptable, no frills environment where you concentrate on taking spectacular pictures and meeting, in our case, incredibly interesting people from all over the world you might otherwise never come across. Ian and Richard are two working professionals at the top of their game who have the right disposition and instinct to get you to the right spot at the right time after chasing the right light and then make sure your camera is pointing in the right direction with the right settings. What more would you want?"—Joe 

What's Not Included

Airfare to and from the workshop; transfer from airport to hotel, any applicable visa fees and local airport taxes, most lunches and dinners.

Where to Go

The workshop begins and ends in El Calafate, Argentina (airport code FTE). Most travelers reach Calafate via Buenos Aires. 

Deposit Required

A $500.00 deposit will be required with the balance to be redeemed no later than 90 days before the workshop. 


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