My goal is to share my vision of this beautiful world by inspiring and educating people in the art of nature photography.

I spend countless hours in the wild waiting for the perfect convergence of light, mood, and composition that makes the most thrilling image—and I constantly write about these experiences and my artistic philosophy to benefit all who are eager to learn.

Always looking for the sharpest, smartest—and most entertaining—in photography instruction and education, I am pleased to bring you these books and videos to help you perfect your craft and take your creative vision to new heights.




New Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes ($19.95)

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Digital Darkroom Mastery ($79.95)

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Digital Darkroom Mastery

Every photograph has a hidden potential that can only be unlocked through mastery of the digital darkroom. Included is everything you need:

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Digital Darkroom Mastery


The Dreamscapes eBook Collection

A selection of our favorite ebooks at more than a 20% discount compared to buying them separately. Includes three books on photographic composition, a book on choosing the right photographic gear, guidebooks to Iceland and Death Valley, our photography mini guides, and more.

$99.95 (OVER 25% OFF)

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The Everything Bundle

Buy it all.  Everything in the Dreamscapes Ebook Collection and Digital Darkroom Mastery plus three guidesPatagonia, A Photographer's Guide to Prince Edward Island & The Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Essential Light and Essential Composition.

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Master Composition

Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition

Ian Plant (with George Stocking)

Composition is the most important aspect of photography you can master. A snapshot shows the world what your camera sees, but when you create a composition, you show the world what you see. Ian's critically-acclaimed ebook unlocks the composition secrets of the great masters. (Includes The Visual Flow Companion, Volume 1, a 51 page analysis by Ian of recent favorite images.)

288 & 51 page PDFs  


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New Master Composition

Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes

by Ron Coscorrosa and Sarah Marino

This book expands the domain of the subject matter that you photograph. It teaches you how to move beyond grand landscapes during the golden hour and enjoy and include in your photography the smaller scenes and intimate details that are everywhere and available to photograph in all types of light throughout the day.

174 page PDF  


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Master Composition: Buy Visual Flow, Visual Flow Companion, Volume 1 & Beyond the Grands Landscape and save $3.95.


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Master the Digital Darkroom


Landscape Expertise

Landscapes in Lightroom 5: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide

Michael Frye

Digital darkroom expert Michael Frye's ebook is a multi-media learning experience, coming with the files the book uses as examples and eight videos. It’s helpful to read about a tool or technique; it's better to watch a demonstration you can try for yourself on the same image.

87 page PDF, RAW files & access to video tutorials.


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Photoshop Expertise

Post Processing: A Guide for Nature Photographers

Glenn Bartley

Professional photographer Glenn Bartley shows you how to master photoshop workflow in this book packed with stunning images of birds in their native habitat.  Not only do you get an 87 page ebook, you also get downloadable Photoshop actions, sample images, and links to over one hour of further video instruction.

87 page PDF, image files, Photoshop actions & one hour plus of  video tutorials.


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Master Lightroom Workflow

The Complete Lightroom Workflow Video Tutorials

Kurt Budliger

Eighteen different video tutorials covering all aspects of processing in Adobe Lightroom 5, from file import to organizing, editing, and exporting images. Kurt Budliger walks you through step-by-step in bite-size lessons, concluding the series with three favorite images, showing you how his use of Lightroom brought out their full potential.

Over three hours of QuickTime Video (total)


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Complete Lightroom Workflow

Master Photoshop Workflow

Creative Digital Processing Photoshop Video Tutorials

Ian Plant

Fourteen different video tutorials present Ian's image processing workflow in Adobe Photoshop, teaching you tools that will bring out the best in your photographs. Topics covered include black and white conversion, blending images, optimizing photos for internet presentation, adjusting color and white balance, and much more.

Over three hours of QuickTime Video (total)


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Master Photographic Craft


Photograph Moving Water Like a Pro

The Advanced Guide to Photographing Waterfalls and Streams

Justin Reznick

Want to know how to take those amazing shots of silky smooth waterfalls and rivers? Rarely do books delve into the skill and artistry of successful water photography, showing you how it's done, and challenging you to create those shots yourself. This ebook does.

61 page PDF


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The Advanced Guide to Photographing Waterfalls and Streams

Essential Equipment

The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer

Justin Reznick

Intimidated by claims that unless you have this expensive lens or that  camera body, your photographs won't cut it? What equipment do you really need to follow your passion for nature photography? This is the ebook for you. Drawing from years of experience, Justin Reznick tells you what you need—and what you don't.

115 page PDF


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Buy both The Complete Guide to Gear & The Advanced Guide and save $1.99.

$17.95 (10% OFF)

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The Advanced Guide to Photographing Waterfalls and Streams

The Art of Photography


Photography Mini Guides

Ian Plant

Everything you need—and nothing that you don't. In these brief tutorials, Ian cuts through the fluff and blather, focusing his efforts only on what is important. In twenty-five pages or less, and for only $4.95 each, you get amazing images and to-the-point tips on how to make stunning photographs.

Four books in the series: Slot Canyons, Sand Dunes, Wildlife Photography, and Coastal Photography.

20-25 page PDFs

Buy all four guides and save $2.85

$16.95 (15% OFF)

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Composition Explained

Essential Composition: A Guide for the Perplexed
Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe explains the basics on light, color, balance, lines, shapes, perspective, patterns, common mistakes, and much more with easy-to-understand explanations and over fifty beautiful illustrations and diagrams.

45 page PDF


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Make the Most of Natural Light

Essential Light: Photography's Lifeblood

Richard Bernabe

Essential Light teaches you all you need to know about natural light—its many moods and characteristics; how its intensity, direction, and color influence the aesthetic quality of your images; and how to make the most of available light during different times of day.

43 page PDF


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Buy both Essential Light & Essential Composition and save $1.05.


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The Best Iceland Photo Guide

Forever Light: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Iceland

Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa

Explore the wonders of Iceland with this detailed guide. It's the best guide to Iceland available for photographers, and it will make your own photo adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice as thrilling as can be.

96 page PDF


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A Better Death Valley National Park Photo Guide

Desert Paradise: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Death Valley National Park

Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa

Explore Death Valley National Park and its environs through this detailed guide. It covers both classic Death Valley icons and places off the beaten path that even the most dedicated desert rats might otherwise miss.

134 page PDF


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Buy both Desert Paradise & Forever Light and save $3.95.


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Ultimate Blue Ridge Guide

Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway—The Ultimate Guide to the Parkway's Best Attractions

Nye Simmons

Brimming with information on the best hikes, scenic stops, waterfalls, and historic locations, this is the ultimate guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia, one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Ideal for the time-pressed traveler who wants to hit the high points of the park as well as for those who have the time to enjoy at more leisure.

193 page PDF


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Visit Otherworldly Patagonia


Ian Plant

Patagonia's scenery is otherworldly: stunning mountains pierce the heavens, a massive ice field spawns hundreds of glaciers, and deep mountain lakes fill with clean water as blue as the sky. Ian includes fifty plus  favorite photographs from Patagonia in this ebook and details how he perfected each image.

121 page PDF


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Discover Prince Edward Island

A Photographer's Guide to Prince Edward Island

John Sylvester (with Stephen DesRoches)

Prince Edward Island is a wonderful place for the landscape photographer. It is a place of vibrant primary colors: red cliffs, green fields, and blue water. Canada’s smallest province; its compact size disguises a remarkable large diversity to its scenery.

95 page PDF


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Yellowstone: Light and Life

Ian Plant

Yellowstone is a world beyond our own, emerging from the mists of time as a remnant of days long past. Here, the engines of creation still churn, steaming with all the fury of the gods of old.  A place of deadly inspiration, and a window into the primitive soul of Earth. In this ebook, Ian provides us with eighty images of this remarkable place.

80 page PDF


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Morocco: Two Photographers, One Vision

Ian Plant and Richard Bernabe

Morocco is a land of contradictions, a collision between the slow slumber of ancient civilizations and the vibrant fervor of modernity. The colors, textures, and tones of Morocco weave a rich tapestry of life, beckoning for exploration, their truth laid bare to the world through the revealing eye of the camera lens, even though their mysteries remain.

57 page PDF


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Namibia: Two Photographers, One Vision

Ian Plant and Richard Bernabe

Namibia is a land of contrasts and extremes. In this ebook, Ian Plant and Richard Bernabe present their vision of this untouched and primal land, with its towering red dunes and wild animals struggling to survive.

61 page PDF


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Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Wonders of the Osa

Ian Plant

The Osa Peninsula is remarkable, full of lush growth and life. It pulsates with life, with a constant background of monkeys and birds chattering, and the gentle thump-thump of armies of leafcutter ants marching single file along endless tracks. Experience a glimpse of that diversity with this beautiful ebook.

40 page PDF


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