5 Jun

Redwoods and Sea-Stacks

I just returned from leading a wonderful workshop for the Friends of Arizona Highways up the Northern California coast and into southern Oregon. We were treated to some outstanding fog in the redwoods, but were shut out for evening light every day but one. However, it was a great crew–and a great time.

The Exalted

Canon 5D MIII; 24-70 F2.8 MII @ 52mm; 1/5th second @F11; ISO 100

“The Exalted” was the result of patience and perseverance–meaning we had to wait out the rain. The fog moved in and out over a 3 hour period, giving us photo opportunitiesĀ in fog of varying degrees.

Canon 5D Mark III; 16-35 F2.8 Mark II; !/2 second @ F11; iso 100; two stop Sigh Ray Reverse Grad

Canon 5D Mark III; 16-35 F2.8 Mark II; 1/2 second @ F11; ISO 100; two stop Singh Ray Reverse Grad

“Coastal Blues” came on the one night the horizon was not obscured with clouds. The tide was going out, leaving lots of sweet pools to reflect the sky. Of course we weren’t lucky enough for a great sunset, but we had fun making some lemonade, so to speak.

Coastal Jumble

Canon 5D Mark III; 16-35 F2,8 Mark II @ 1/8th second @ F16; ISO 100

Coastal Jumble was the result of simply turning 180 degrees and looking behind me.

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  • Great images! You sure do have similar photographic sensibilities to my own. I really like the more subtle palettes and comp schemes you go for; they’re the same sorts of things that attract me in my landscapes. Keep it up and I’d love to see you blog more often on Ian’s.