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Hi everyone, in case you missed the news, Richard Bernabe and I just launched Epic Destinations, featuring inspirational photo tours for creative photographers. We’ve got several exciting photo tours lined up for 2014 and 2015. Our tours are filling up fast, so if you want to join the adventure, I advise you to do so quickly! Here’s a few of the workshops and tours we have planned.

Lake Superior North Shore Photo Workshop (August 15-17, 2014). Join me on an intensive three-day exploration of Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior. We’ll have an opportunity to photograph Superior’s stunning rocky coastline, as well as numerous scenic waterfalls and streams. There’s no shortage of things to photograph on the North Shore! NOTE: This workshop is now full. I’ll be announcing a second tour soon; make sure to get your name on the wait list as I will fill spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Costa Rica: Wonders of the Osa (December 1-6, 2014). The Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica is truly a remarkable place, full of lush growth and life. In fact, it seems at times as if the forest is pulsating with life, with a constant background buzz of monkeys and birds chattering, and the gentle thump-thump of armies of leafcutter ants marching single file along endless tracks. If you dare stop for just a moment, you might be swept away by the endless tide of life in the jungle. This workshop is more than just a photo experience; it is an overall life experience. The sights, the smells, and the sounds of the Osa are hard to put into words. Why don’t you come along, and let your photos tell the story of this incredible place?

Ultimate Patagonia Photo Tour (March 16-25, 2015). Nothing quickens the pulse like a swift and sudden sunrise, the first tint of gold on ancient stone sentinels, and the sound of distant avalanches crashing down icy slopes. The scenery of Patagonia is otherworldly, with stunning mountains piercing the heavens, a massive ice field spawning hundreds of glaciers, and deep mountain lakes filled with cold clean water as blue as the sky. Patagonia is a land of superlatives; it is a land of awe-inspiring moments and sudden exclamations of “OMG—that is so beautiful!” Eternal Patagonia seems to never change, but no one who visits ever stays the same. Few places on Earth are its equal. Fewer still are those photographers up to the challenge of telling the story of this amazing landscape. Do you have what it takes? The 2015 Ultimate Patagonia Photo Tour is already full, but we are now accepting early registrations for 2016.

Ancient Morocco Photo Tour (April 21 – May 4, 2015). Morocco is a land of contradictions, a collision between the slow slumber of ancient civilizations and the vibrant fervor of modernity. The colors, textures, and tones of Morocco weave a rich tapestry of life, beckoning for exploration, their truth laid bare to the world through the revealing eye of the camera lens, even though their mysteries remain. In Morocco, paradox is more than an apt description—it is a way of life.

Wild Namibia Photo Tour (two dates: May 15-27 & June 10-22, 2015). Namibia is a land of contrasts and extremes. Situated between the Namib and the Kalahari deserts, Namibia gets less rain than any other country in sub-Saharan Africa. Namibia’s Coastal Desert is one of the planet’s oldest, with powerful offshore winds sculpting the highest sand dunes in the world. Water—or more to the point, its absence—defines life in Namibia. Hot and arid in the interior, Namibia’s coast is surprisingly cool and moist, the product of the cold Atlantic colliding with Africa’s warm and dry southern tip. Seals and sea birds come by the thousands to congregate in this narrow temperate zone. In the rest of the country, only where there is water is there life. Join us to create your own vision of this untouched and primal land, with its towering red dunes and wild animals struggling to survive.

Epic Iceland Photo Tour (September 21-29, 2015). Explore your vision where fire and ice collide! The magical light and landscapes here are uniquely Iceland. After all, where else can you find more than 10,000 waterfalls, 7000 square miles of glaciers, 15 active volcanoes, hundreds of hot springs and geysers, and the aurora borealis flickering overhead in the night skies—all in the same place? We help bring all the best that Iceland has to offer into one dynamic photo tour that will have you creating the most epic photos of your life. 

We’ll be listing more tours soon; Rich and I hope to see you on one of them. In the meantime, don’t forget to download our 2014 Bucket List for some photo destination inspiration!

Ian Plant

Author: Ian Plant

World-renowned professional photographer, writer, and adventurer Ian Plant is a frequent contributor to and blogger for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, a Contributing Editor to Popular Photography Magazine, a monthly columnist for Landscape Photography Magazine, and a Tamron Image Master. Ian is also the author of numerous books and instructional videos. Ian leads photography workshops and tours around the world to help beginner and advanced photographers explore and expand their personal vision.

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