Frozen Cosmos

Thought I would take advantage of the “Polar Vortex”–we used to just call it a cold snap when I was a kid–and  capture abstract ice formations here in Maryland. I needed a break from the confines of my office anyway after spending the better part of two months working on my new eBook, Photographing Wild Water. So I headed out to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, and spent all morning shooting ice formations along the river. It was great fun, but I forgot my gloves and ended up with frozen hands after two hours of shooting. It was worth it!

Frozen Cosmos. Nikon D800, 70-200mm, 25mm extension tube, 2 seconds, F22, ISO 250

Frozen Cosmos. Nikon D800 Digital SLR, 70-200mm, 25mm extension tube, 2 seconds, F22, ISO 250

Anyway, these small bubbles reminded me of a frozen galaxy of planets surrounded by a billion stars–hence the title Frozen Cosmos. I shot this in very low light and used a small penlight to add a glow to a few of the bubbles to imitate a shining star. Well I’d better get back to the book. Still about a week away from publishing it and need to put the finishing touches before it goes to the editor.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Author: Joseph Rossbach

Joseph Rossbach has been photographing the landscape for over twenty years. Joe is a frequent contributor and blogger for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and travels extensively each year creating new images and teaching others of the art and technique of nature photography.

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