Back From Patagonia

Did you suddenly feel the room grow colder? Or perhaps you felt a tremor in the Force? Maybe your Spidey Senses have just gone all a-tingly? Well, there’s a reason why your third eye is screaming at you right now. That’s right, boys and girls—Daddy’s back.

After three weeks of epic light, mountains, and wind in the wilds of Patagonia, I’m finally back. I am Douglas MacArthur wading through the surf of the Philippines. I am Thorin Oakenshield spilling forth from his barrel onto the quay of Lake Town. I am Odysseus unmasked slaying the suitors for his wife. I Have Returned!

Kurt, George, and Patrik have done an admirable job keeping the blog active in my absence, and we’ve seen some really great stuff from them over the past few weeks. You know, all that stuff about prickly teddy bears and smelling napalm in the morning. Instant classics. But now it’s time to take a seat, and brace yourself for an onslaught of Epic Patagonia Photos (EPP for short). You see, Patagonia was exceptionally kind to me these past three weeks. So get ready to get totally EPPed.

That’s right, I’m going to EPP you all month long. I’ll EPP you so much you won’t be able to walk straight afterwards. And just when you think I can’t possibly EPP you anymore . . . BAM! I’ll EPP you again!

So prepare to get EPPed so hard you’ll be left drooling and cross-eyed for weeks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ultimate Patagonia

Ian Plant

Author: Ian Plant

World-renowned professional photographer, writer, and adventurer Ian Plant is a frequent contributor to and blogger for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, a Contributing Editor to Popular Photography Magazine, a monthly columnist for Landscape Photography Magazine, and a Tamron Image Master. Ian is also the author of numerous books and instructional videos. Ian leads photography workshops and tours around the world to help beginner and advanced photographers explore and expand their personal vision.

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