It’s Not (Actually) Religion

Photography, I mean. The other day I got to listen third-hand to a discussion between two very passionate shooters that got a little heated. I’m not gonna mention what they were talking about, but lets say that the exchange reminded me of how car enthusiasts will occasionally gently discuss the differences between Ford and Chevy. I mean, both Ford and Chevy have their pros and cons; but step outside? Really? Both get you where you’re going, usually.

For just a second, I had an urge to be peacemaker, but quickly got over it; it was too entertaining just watching. It reminded me of something my father once said to me.  “You never want to get into an argument with an idiot because the people watching can’t tell the difference.” Amen to that, brother!!

My workshop clients ask how I get that incredible light in my pictures, and I always tell them I made a deal with the devil…that the rainbow we were just shooting cost like, 2 months of my life. They think I’m kidding. (After doing some quick math in my head, I figure I should probably have already passed.)

In todays image, “EVENING ZEPHYRS”, I didn’t enquire until late in the day and all I could get were vague promises about “possibly dumping some color in the sky”. The sky looked eternally overcast, so I was a bit skeptical. I was traveling with a friend that I will call “Bob” (because thats his name) who bailed and went back to the truck to sleep – I told him about the possible color dump and all, but he just said “right” and left. I stayed and did the due diligence.  (And while I waited I drank Mountain Dew, the caffeine in which helped me stay awake…. In other words, I did the Dew to do the due – diligence) The rest is history.

evening zephyrs
Canon 5DMII, 24-105 @ 24mm; 1/4th second @ f11

And just saying to the guys I saw earlier. ITS ABOUT THE IMAGE ! Ok, glad I got that out. And btw, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chevy OR a Ford. (just kidding of course)

Oh, and I guess if you’ve read this far you’ve already realized that I’ve never met an alliteration I didn’t like. Sadly, there’s no kidding about that.

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George Stocking is a professional freelance photographer, residing in Phoenix, AZ. He works regularly as a contract photographer for Arizona Highways, and his work often graces the pages of Arizona Highways Magazine, Calendars and Books. His work has appeared in numerous other national publications. You can see more of his work on his website.


  • What a beautiful photo of light! I’m glad you had the dew:) I really enjoy your posts and your photography. Thanks for posting.

    • George Stocking

      Margaret, thanks so much for commenting..

  • Ian Plant

    Greetings from Paagonia! glad to see you and Kurt are keeping things going. Great post!

    • George Stocking

      yeah, platitudes from the guy in South America….

  • Wonderful image, George! And, as always, an entertaining post!

  • I agree with you. I used to be one of those passionate Nikon vs. Canon guys but I’ve realized both companies make excellent cameras. I use a Nikon but at times I’ve thought about switching to Canon. I’ve also noticed that no matter how good a camera one has, a picture will never look great unless one puts time and effort into getting an image. One can own a 5DMKII or D3 but unless you know about light or even how to use the camera, an image will never turn out great unless one puts effort into a photo.

    I really like that old twisted bristlecone! I loved how you used what light you had to focus attention on the tree. I also really like the way the slope kind of acts a zipper sort of form to add interest to your image. That light is almost heavenly. Thanks for posting such excellent images up!

    • George Stocking

      Van, back at you. You know I shoot the Canon, but as of right now am muchos unhappy with them for the really nice wedding camera they produced as opposed to the really nice landscape camera that Nikon produced. I will wait a bit to look more closely, but unless I hear canon stepping up, I will be looking at Nikon. Hey, I’ll be able to use the 14-24 sans adapter. with marked apertures and everything….

      thanks for the words on the shot

      • George Stocking

        hey ps just saying, I want the best tool for my applications. period.